Radio transceivers


We deliver a number of the communication system components, forming a family of radio transceivers based on the concept of a unified radio communication platform, which include: RKP-8100 and RKL-8200, ensuring communication at the tactical level. We are a manufacturer of narrowband HF/VHF/UHF radio transceivers and specialized radio modems and controllers. Our solutions provide commutation of data and audio signals as well as local and remote control of communication equipment parameters, enabling the construction and integration of radio communication from other manufacturers. They ensure the exchange of information in a non-confidential system and with the use of cryptographic protection devices, as well as the archiving of the radio transmission data.


Radio transceiver RKP-8100 type The narrowband tactical radio transceiver is designed to work from 1.5MHz to 512 MHz frequency range. It provides voice communication and data transmission via standard protocols and interfaces (IP, SMTP, POP3, Ethernet, RS232). The radio transceiver is the SDR (Software Defined Radio) system type. The waveforms implemented in RKP-8100 are specified by NATO standards, required for operation in HF and VHF bands and narrowband waveforms for UHF band operation. The radio transceiver is a new generation digital transmitting and receiving equipment meeting the STANAG 4203, STANAG 4204 and STANAG 4205 requirements. The RKP-8100 is a universal radio transceiver which can be used as a manpack radio transceiver or an element of mobile radio communication systems, installed on vehicular and caterpillar chassis. The digital voice transmission is in accordance with STANAG 4198 and the MIL-STD-188-110B App. B. standard. The radio transceiver supports ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) functions according to MIL-STD-188-141B App. A. standard and STANAG 4538. The sturdy design and construction guarantee high quality and reliability of operation of the RKP-8100 radio transceiver.


Mobile adapter RKP-8100AM-B type was designed in order to extend the capabilities of the RKP-8100 manpack transceiver with transportable applications. The whole communication system has been integrated in one device and the maximum power has been increased up to 150W for HF communication and 50W for UHF communication. The construction of the adapter enables quick installation of the radio on the vehicle and intuitive operation. Additionally, the device increases the reliability of communication in conditions of strong collocation through the use of additional narrowband filtration systems. The filters cover the entire HF band and selected ranges of the UHF bands (30MHz – 88MHz and 225MHz – 400MHz), where they can operate in frequency hopping mode.


Radio transmission module RKL-8200 was designed and constructed to meet the needs of data transmission within the radio communication of ORLIK type training aircraft, for 30÷88MHz frequency band. Its functionality has been adapted to the requirements of the Customer. It ensures reliable communication on the tactical level (audio work and digital data transmission). It can be used as an element of mobile radio communication systems installed on airplanes, as well as on vehicular and caterpillar chassis. It is intendent to be used in ŁEBA (Polish Navy) and SARCASS (Maritime Search and Rescue Service) systems. The RKL-8200 transmission module is powered with 27V DC (voltage range supply from 23.7÷29.5V). OBR CTM S.A. is able to adjust the parameters of the RKL-8200 module to the individual customer requirements.


Automatic work controller SPA-8200 ensures compatibility and interoperability of short-wave communication, between cooperating radio transceivers. SPA-8200 provides: ALE 3G according to STANAG 4538, ALE 2G, mail server, FTP server, radio modem and MELPe encoder for radio transceivers of various manufacturers. All transmitted data can be encoded with the AES-256 algorithm. The SPA-8200 controller cooperates with an external data source using RS-232C, Ethernet (100Base-TX) and USB interfaces.


Remote control unit RKS-8000PW The network software implemented in remote control unit has an integrated incoming messages center, to communicate with the user via POP3 protocol, SMTP outgoing messages center and FTP server. Therefore it is possible to omit the TCP/IP layer in radio transmission, which adds some redundancy and is poorly adapted to the conditions prevailing in a short-wave radio channel. The use of popular protocols allows for easy integration with other elements of the communication system and quick verification of the correctness of operation. Sending and receiving data can be done by using standard mail clients and FTP. It is also possible to work with IP protocol. When working with FTP, SMTP, POP3, IP protocols from the radio side, protocols and modulations according to STANAG 4538 have been used. All external data sources are connected directly to the RKS-8000PW desktop.


Pre/Postselector RKS-8000PP The digitally tuned Pre/Postselector RKS-8000PP is dedicated to operate with RKS-8000 and RKP-8100 radio transceivers. The RKS-8000PP allows simultaneous and independent operation of many collocated transmitters and receivers with frequency interval of at least 10%. In reception mode it improves selectivity of the receiver, and in transmission mode it reduces the level of interference and out-of-band noise of the radio exciter.


Radio Network Controller RNC-8201 The Radio Network Controller performs the function of the data link layer and network layer in radio communication systems. It performs the function of a self-organizing multi-hopping network node in accordance to STANAG 4691 ANNEX A (MARLIN). It provides balanced access to the transmission medium through the function of IP data filtering and prioritizing. It provides a web interface for configuration and visualisation of network status. Enables configuration in local mode via keyboard and display as well as via Telnet and WWW interfaces in remote mode.