Tactical Data Links


Our offer includes Tactical Data Link – TDL, based on defined standards of tactical information transmission between elements of the battlefield, which are often mobile units, called participating units. Systems of this class enable the exchange of information on individual participants of the battlefield (e. g. on the opponent – location, manoeuvre, armament – obtained by reconnaissance systems), leading in consequence to the achievement of informational advantage and thus tactical. The TDL Systems make it possible to improve situational awareness of battlefield participants and are one of the pillars of modern concepts of military operations known as Network Centric Warfare. We have experience and ability to build, among other things, solutions described in standards: Link 11 (TADIL-A); Link 11B (TADIL-B); Link 16 (TADIL-J). Our TDL LINK-11 is an interface between CMS Class C2 Command System and other Participating Units (PU) in tactical data transmission network available through radio links and terminal equipment. The LINK-11 consists of two basic elements: LINK-11 Station and LINK-11 Communication.
The LINK-11 Station is an element of the subsystem responsible for organizing work within the LINK-11 link. The basic component of this element is the DLP-Data Link Processor, which enables real-time operation of the LINK-11 according to STANAG 5511. The basic functionality provided by the Link-11 Server of the offered LINK-11 subsystem includes:

  • Processing of own unit data and making recently received from the CMS data available.
  •  Data transmission and retransmission – external transmission of data made available by the CMS to all Link 11 participating units.


Within the offered solution, it is possible to build a full set of Link11 containing: LINK-11 console, DTS MLA 1101 modem, DTS RLA 9101 controller (terminal with software package), HF and/or UHF radio transceiver version.