About us


Established in 1982 Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej JSC has extensive competences and experiences in designing, constructing, supplying and maintaining the integrated systems in the area of naval and civilian maritime technologies, and particularly as far as command, data analysis and processing, communication, naval vessels and underwater systems are concerned. Based on modern research-technical and production facilities, CTM delivers and develops its solutions thanks to continuous research, development and implementation works. Participation in national and foreign R&D programmes is the key activity of the Center, including for EDA and NATO.


From 2013 OBR CTM actively participates in the national operational programme „Countering threats at sea”, providing the key systems for vessels in terms of missions to be carried out out (Integrated Combat Systems for „Kormoran” type vessels or Integrated Mission System for “RATOWNIK” rescue ship, whose technological foundation is CTM developed „SCOT”, the first Polish Combat Management System) and equipment (pioneer Passive Defense System, SHL-101/TM and SHL-300 sonars, explosive charges „Toczek” to countermeasure sea mines).


The Centre offers its customers services of designing, testing, implementation and development of prototype solutions and technologies, at the same time ensuring their integration with IT systems, creating their environment.