Product certification in range of MOD accreditation


The CTM Product Certification Body is an organisationally separate structure from OBR CTM S.A., accredited by the Ministry of National Defence (accreditation certificate no. 18/MON/2017), in accordance to PN-EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013 standard requirements.


The product certification covers the following areas:

  • vibroacoustics and impact resistance;
  • electromagnetic compatibility;
  • environmental impact of climatic factors;
  • electric field and cathodic protection;
  • magnetic field and degaussing;
  • electric equipment requirements.


The activity is conducted on the basis of the following certification programmes:

  • Programme I – Testing and evaluation of samples taken from product batches;
  • Programme II – Testing and evaluation of samples taken from production. Evaluation of production processes, quality management system and supervision over the issued certificate.