Participation In Research Programmes R+D+I


We carry out research and development and implementation works, introducing advanced and innovative solutions in the scope of integrated systems from the areas of military and civil technology. Including the following systems: command, data analysis and processing, communication, ship and underwater. Our experienced scientific and research and technical staff, conducts research for development of new and existing products and technologies, as well as introduction of innovative solutions to products offered on the civil and military market. We have the knowledge, competence and experience to develop customised products and services that meet high environmental and reliability requirements.


We have experience supported by implementations in realisation of international research and development programmes and projects for the European Union (EU), the European Defence Agency (EDA) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The acquired competence and knowledge allowed us to participate in the implementation of projects under the EDA and Prepatory Action on Defence Research (PADR). They also made it possible to prepare for participation in the international Defence and Security European Research Area (EDRP) programmes. We are currently implementing technologically advanced projects for the EU, EDA, NATO and the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR).



Innovation Management / Know-How / Patenting


We are competent in implementing product and process innovations for new and existing products and services. Innovative technologies and processes are introduced at every stage of product implementation: from concept development, through construction and testing of technology prototypes, to the development of a ready-to-sell product that meets the customer’s non-standard requirements. We have a wide “know-how” in the development of technologies: IT, communication, ship and underwater. We patent our solutions and support the user with the knowledge of patent protection of technological solutions.



Development of concepts, technology demonstrators and prototypes


We develop concepts for new, non-standard technical solutions, products and services. On the basis of the developed concepts and with the use of our production potential, the prototypes are built at OBR CTM S.A. They are verified with the use of highly specialized research infrastructure in standardized and controlled conditions, related to actual operating conditions.



Research and development of products


We have knowledge and experience in the development of products in the areas of IT, communication, maritime and underwater. The products are prepared in the full development cycle, starting from initial concepts to the delivery of a ready-made, certified product, meeting the requirements of the Customer. We use our competence and “know-how” in product development, analysing the latest trends, available technologies and Customer expectations.