Expert services


Electronics production


We specialize in the assembly of technology prototypes as well as small and medium series of highly specialized electronic circuits, including those developed with a great deal of manual work, based on our own projects or those of external customers. We have experience in the assembly of double-sided printed circuits, in accordance with IPC standards, assembly of subassemblies, integration of devices to work in the environment specified by the customer’s requirements. We carry out works in range of electronics protection with protective coatings with the use of machines for selective application of varnish coatings.



Mechanics production


We specialize in design and manufacture of devices for electronics installation, which meet EMC defense standards requirements and resistance to vibrations and shocks. We make casings for electronic devices installed on surface units and submarines. We also have a design office and a modern machine park, which ensure efficient implementation of the above projects. Before the final product is made, we model it on 3D printers, according to the Customer’s requirements. Each of the developed and manufactured products undergoes appropriate environmental tests.



Product Integration


We are able to integrate products developed and manufactured by us with products of other companies and institutions. We are also competent to create integration requirements for our own products and cooperating companies. We also carry out the adaptation of existing structures supplied by the customer to new requirements defined by modern technology.



Specialised training courses


We offer a wide range of specialised trainings courses covering full range of our solutions. We have our own and well equipped training base (3 conference rooms). Participants of the training have the opportunity to learn theory and practical knowledge, concerning the construction, operation, usage and handling of the solutions provided by us. The applied training model is based on innovative and internationally recognized training solutions, using the latest technologies, including e-learning, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). Training and specialised courses are conducted by experienced and competent instructors. It is possible to extend the training scenarios on the basis of the “case study”, proposed by participants.