User support in the 365/7/24 model


The services are provided by our specialists and technical link person at any time, in response to a failure report. In terms of support, the Customer is provided with a dedicated contact point and access to the Customer’s authorized electronic system. The answer is given to all types of technical or logistic inquiries.



Logistic support of operation


We provide Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) services for the supply of spare parts, supplies and equipment maintenance management. Support includes the scope and frequency of required repairs, inspections and maintenance, including possibility of upgrading hardware and software throughout the product life cycle. We also provide support in scope of training and logistic security. We carry out maintenance and repair tasks, which remain within the scope of our competence.





We provide software maintenance and update services with respect to contracted software licensed to the Customer. As part of our service, the client has the opportunity to obtain all available versions of the software.