Integrated Communication and Data Exchange Systems


Our communication and data exchange systems are designed to ensure the possibility of information transfer between its users. We offer systems designed to work in maritime and land environment. The system consists of communication equipment (e. g. radio transceivers, modems), data exchange methods, procedures and personnel and provides the possibility of data exchange with other systems. We created the Integrated Communication System. The System provides commutation of data and audio signals as well as local and remote control of CTM’s communication equipment parameters, such as HF/VHF/UHF radio transceivers of the RKP-8100 family, radio modems of the MRM-1201 type and radio network controllers of the RNC-8201 type. It enables integration with radio communication equipment of other manufacturers. It ensures the exchange of information in a non-confidential system and with the use of cryptographic protection devices, as well as the archiving of radio transmission data. It performs the function of automatic establishment and maintenance of connections in radio networks.