Cathodic Protection Systems


The Cathodic Protection System (SOK) developed by us provides electrochemical protection of metals immersed in electrolysis (e.g. hulls of vessels, pipelines) against corrosion. The system consists of a multi-sector cathodic protection station (MSOK), command and control electrodes and polarization anodes. The system measures in real time the values of electrochemical potential of the protected structure and controls the cathodic protection current to comply with normative values of the protection potentials. The station has the ability to communicate and provide data to an ICT network. Additional local cathodic protection is assured by local application of galvanic anodes. The SOK system can operate in automatic mode with the possibility of manual and service control (directly on MSOK), transmitting and receiving data from the ship IT system. SOK can be controlled both from the MSOK level as well as from the level of the superior system of vessels (e.g. from the console). The system is designed as a modular and fully automated system.


It is possible to extend the functionality of the system by minimizing the electric field of the ship. This function is performed within the Passive Defense System with the use of elements of the Cathodic Protection System.