Anti-shock technologies


We are competent in the comprehensive delivery of anti-percussion solutions for the vessels. For many years we have been engaged in the selection and manufacture of shock absorbers for the broadly understood industry, mainly military industry. One of the products manufactured and offered by us are wire-rope absorbers made in two varieties. The first of them are wire-rope roll type absorbers, and the second – wire-rope arc-ring type absorbers. The susceptible elements are used for flexible foundations of machines and devices in order to protect them against harmful impact loads and vibrations. The manufactured products undergo a number of in-house tests in order to deliver the highest quality product to the Customer. This is confirmed by the wide use of susceptible elements, selected, manufactured and delivered by us to the ORP KORMORAN and obtaining a positive opinion of the Polish Register of Shipping. The shock absorbers, thanks to their construction, which enables significant displacements and damping, provide excellent resistance to impact exposure and vibration isolation. This allows to protect the devices installed on them against negative environmental impact.