IT services


Software and systems development


We develop modern software and complete IT systems, tailored to the needs of our customers. Basing on our experience, qualified staff and technical knowledge, we have built competencies that allow us to develop any software and system. We comprehensively carry out the above works, starting from establishing and analysing requirements of the Customer, through designing and developing a ready-made solution, testing and implementation. We also offer a wide range of post-implementation support services.



System integration


Within the scope of works related to development of integrated mission systems, apart from the production of subsystems, we also perform tasks of command systems integration. It means, that all undertakings ensure, that subsystems and devices from different manufacturers are compatible and interact with each other in order to achieve the required functionality. The system integration process fits into the entire project life cycle, from the early phases of its definition, through design, purchasing, execution, testing, and transferring system to the User. The tasks we carry out during the project include, among others:

  • architecture development and configuration of the entire system;
  • requirements specification for the subsystems interfaces;
  • participation in the purchasing specification, subsystem designing, testing, installation and commissioning of the various components;
  • creation of test and integration environments;
  • examination and testing of components and interfaces, system stability, functional chains;
  • matching the subsystems to the system.


Customised systems development


In case, there is no ready-made software on the market that meets the User requirements, we are ready to effectively design, develop and implement a tailor-made solution that meets the Customer’s requirements. We have extensive experience in data processing software development, and we specialize in development of high-level software that integrates devices and data exchange systems.