The Multiband Radio Modem MRM-1201 performs the physical layer function for HF/UHF/VHF communication. It supports military modulation standards used in the HF, VHF and UHF bands. Provides a data interface in the form of a synchronous and asynchronous serial port. Enables local configuration via keyboard and display, and remote configuration via Telnet and WWW interfaces. The device performs the function of a VHF/UHF modem, according to STANAG 4691 ANNEX B Mobile Ad Hoc Relay Line-Of-Site IP Networking (MARLIN) and functions of a HF modem according to the following standards: STANAG 4539, STANAG 4415, STANAG 4285, STANAG 4529, MIL-STD-188-110C p.5.3, Appendix C, Appendix F. Transmission speeds covered by the device, range from 50 bits per second to 153.6 kilobits per second. The modem casing is designed for direct mounting in a 19″ RACK.


LINK-11 system modem (DTS) The MLA-1101 LINK 11 (DTS) link uses HF (2÷24MHz) and UHF (225÷400MHz) wavelength range and provides full coverage of 300 nautical miles in all directions. It enables sending commands, reports and additional information related to the military command process. The LINK 11 link can also be used for communication with communication system nodes, which exchange data within another type of link (e.g. LINK 11B), allowing to create a universal system of tactical data exchange. The MLA-1101 modem is designed to operate in the end subsystem of the LINK 11 system, as a DTS (Data Terminal Set) device. MLA-1101 modem enables data exchange in the LINK 11 system link and cooperates with components of automatic data exchange system and tactical situation display LINK 11.