Concepts development


We have experienced research and technical staff with practical knowledge in the field of IT, communication technologies, ship technologies and underwater technologies. We develop concepts for new, non-standard technical solutions, products and services. We support our Client in formulating requirements, we participate in preparation of a feasibility study of the project, as well as support with knowledge and experience by active participation in technical dialogues on innovative solutions. We prepare technological solutions from initial concepts to the delivery of a ready-made, certified product, meeting the customer requirements.



Planning and designing


We introduce innovative processes and technologies on the stage of the project planning. We have “know-how” in designing non-standard technological solutions for integrated command systems, communication systems, ship and underwater systems. Together with our Client we plan and design appropriate technological solutions, taking into account the requirements and minimizing costs. We use our competence and many years of experience in product design, analyzing the latest trends, available technologies and customer expectations.





Basing on developer concepts of our own or the Client, we build technology prototypes by using our production potential. The prototypes are verified with highly specialised research infrastructure in standardised and controlled conditions, close to actual operation conditions. Using our technology park, we offer the possibility of rapid prototyping of products and their verification during laboratory design tests.



Software and IT systems development


We develop software dedicated to the modern user needs. We have gained our knowledge and experience by implementing projects for defense and civil sectors. We have implemented many dedicated software solutions for the most demanding customers, while taking care of high quality of solutions. Used practices and tools help us deliver the highest quality source code. We take an active part in the entire product development cycle, starting from business and technical analysis, through software production, delivery and installation of hardware, implementation, testing and solutions stabilization, to maintenance and development. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions and we work on development of the systems and services we provide. We monitor the market and follow technological novelties. We integrate our IT solutions with internal and external systems of our Clients and their Partners.



Electronics production


We offer comprehensive electronic assembly services from small series projects to mass production. We select automated test systems that guarantee high quality of our products. Extensive experience allows us to provide services at the highest technological level.





Due to our extensive experience and skills, we have knowledge and competences related to integration in a broad sense. We always take a systematic approach to integration, starting with planning, designing and building systems in such a way as to minimize the risks arising at the stage of physical and logical integration. Thanks to this approach, we can design, deliver and integrate systems in accordance with the requirements, meeting the Customer’s expectations. The whole project life cycle is part of the system integration process, starting from the early stages of its definition, through designing, purchasing, execution, testing, to the transfer of the system to the User.





We specialise in providing independent and professional testing services for products and systems. We conduct tests of devices on the basis of prepared methodologies compliant with the standards. As part of the tests, we carry out external orders, but above all, we focus on testing products and systems that we supply. We have many years of experience and apply the best practices in engineering industry. Experienced research and technical staff conducts functional and environmental laboratory tests for new and existing products and technologies as well as for innovative products offered on the civil and military market.



Implementation in a service model


Having a wide range of products and qualified competences and knowledge of the working environment of our systems, we are able to meet the expectations of a modern user, delivering our solutions in a model based on providing a comprehensive service, at the same time securing the appropriate infrastructure and technical solution. In such a model we select optimal technical solutions to the requirements and expectations of the customer, creating an effective and attractive offer. As part of our cooperation, we offer, among others: seabed scanning services, critical infrastructure protection services or comprehensive maintenance services.



Specialised training courses


We have many years of experience in implementation of unusual training courses related to niche market segments. We conduct trainings in the area of defense and state security. Our experience allows us to offer training services wherever the scope of training requires an expert knowledge. We provide training on request and as part of the implementation of works covering the areas of our activity.



Service and maintenance


Being aware of the challenges posed by today’s market, we are at the disposal of our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle. We are ready to provide comprehensive maintenance services for complex systems and individual products, offered by us as well as by our partners. In case of maintenance, service or need for support, we offer our services in the field of mechanics, electronics and electrics, automation, robotics and IT services. We provide our competences, technical facilities and spare parts.