Specialised software


We have unique competencies in developing software designed to handle non-standard specialist functions. We implement and deliver software solutions designed to work in embedded systems, teletransmission systems and niche functional areas. Our offer includes software for data transmission via radio links – RDC 9000WMS software and specialized software for processing binary reports – Data Link Processor (Server) DLP.


The RDC 9000WMS software (Wireless Message System) is an implementation of STANAG 5066 agreement. The main purpose of the software is to send e-mail in a radio channel (HF, UHF). Data conversion is done by an appropriate “clients” (two implemented “clients” included in the CFTP and HMTP standard). Additionally, it is possible to connect other “clients” (including dedicated “client” depending on needs) enabling different data types/standards transmission, e.g. IP frames or “client” chat (communicator). The implemented “clients” in RDC 9000WMS software are delivered with the installation: HMTP, CFTP, IP. The application works as a maintenance-free station (being a gateway for other computers) or can be installed directly on the operator’s station, connected to the transmitting devices.
The RDC 9000WMS software can control a radio modem (also a modem built into the radio transceiver) to accelerate transmission with adjacent nodes – for this purpose it uses DRC (Dynamic Rate Change) Master/Slave algorithm for all modulations, according to STANAG 5066C. In addition, the software can control the radio transceiver, provided that it operates in ALE2G mode (then selects the best available frequency). The software 3.0 version, includes an integrated mail server, which is managed directly from the application panel. In addition, the software has the function of sending out broadcast messages in the 5066 standard.


The Data Link Processor (Server) DLP is one of the basic components of the LINK-11 subsystem, enabling real-time operation of the LINK-11 link according to STANAG 5511. Within the LINK-11 subsystem, the DLP server is the interface between the C2 class ship command system (Command & Control) and other external systems, participating in the tactical data transmission network, accessible via radio links and terminal device. The Link-11 subsystem consists of two basic elements: a DLP processor and a DTS modem. The first one is an element of the subsystem responsible for work organization within the LINK-11 link (using, among others, the Data Link Processor server), while the second one is an element of the subsystem dedicated to organize radio communication within the LINK-11 network for HF or VHF band (via, among others, the DTS terminal – MLA 1101).