Integrated Command Systems


In the area of Integrated Command Systems, we offer solutions including improvement, implementation and development of new algorithms to support command, information integration, collection of information and its generalisation, with particular emphasis on new directions of development of network-centric activities. Our flagship system is the Naval Force Command Support System, designed to support the process of collecting data on the maritime situation in the area of responsibility, development and distribution of a uniform image of the maritime situation and command reports. The System consists of installations (objects) dedicated to stationary (observation points) and mobile (mobile technical observation points) shore units, surface units (ships) and aircraft (planes and helicopters). A component of the System is the Data Exchange Subsystem in radio networks responsible for the organization of this process based on radio and satellite means available on individual units. Depending on destination, the Systems can be delivered in the version for the Armed Forces or for administrative units, e. g. Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre. In the basic version, dedicated to tactical and operational Polish Navy units. Systems in the version for the Polish Navy are equipped with interfaces for receiving data on the maritime situation, developing a maritime image situation and making it available for systems operating in various types of Armed Forces and within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The data exchange in this class of Systems is carried out via OTHT-Gold, ADatP-3 and LINK-11B protocols. The Systems in the version for the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre integrate analytical, planning and calculation modules used during rescue operations, facilitating the exchange of information between operators of various entities involved in rescue operations, as well as generating reports after the end of operation.