Combat Management Systems


The first Polish Combat Management System SCOT was designed by CTM. SCOT is a modern ship system built on the basis of the latest technologies and IT solutions. The System integrates the following ship subsystems: combating air, surface and underwater targets, combating asymmetric threats, technical observation, radars, communication system and services provided by the integrated navigation system to ensure safety of the ship, monitoring the current geographical location and ship movement parameters. The integration of the subsystems is based on a ship’s redundant fiber optic data bus. The system supports the combat activity of the crew in effective use of all sensors and effectors that are on the ship, as well as planning the task (mission), decision support and monitoring the implementation of tasks. The scope of subsystem integration is determined by defining a set of devices and components of ship systems (armament, technical observation measures, etc.) and technologies for organising of virtual networks (sub-networks) for information exchange (data, image and sound).