CTM develops further functionalities of the “SCOT” system

Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. (OBR CTM S.A.) in Gdynia, part of the PGZ S.A. Corporate Group, is currently conducting works on the further development of the SCOT Combat Management System. The system is complemented with new modules, extending the functionality of the system with additional capabilities. The planned works are aimed at adding further sensors and effectors, especially in the field of naval artillery and missile weapons.


The developed by OBR CTM S.A. “SCOT” system is the first Polish Ship’s Management System which is a uniform system platform for various classes of naval vessels for Polish Navy. The basic functions are the integration of ship’s subsystems, sensors, effectors, mission planning and support of decision-making processes. “SCOT”, in the version dedicated for the minehunter, was implemented on the prototype ship project 258 “Kormoran” built by the Polish Consortium, which included the Center based in Gdynia.  Also the subsequent two minehunters, which will strengthen in the near future the mine countermeasures forces of the Polish Navy are built with the participation of OBR CTM S.A. and will be equipped with this System.


It is worth emphasizing that in Poland has been created from scratch a system, which until now has been the exclusive specialty of just a few world leading companies. How important this achievement is can be proved by the fact that in less than a year it received three prestigious awards. After obtaining the “Amber Medallion” at the “Balt Military Expo” Fair in June 2018 and the “Prize of the President of the Republic of Poland” in September 2018 during the MSPO fair in Kielce, OBR CTM was awarded the next prize in October 2018. The “Innovative Maritime Economy 2018” award, in the “Innovative Ship Combat Systems” category, was presented to representatives of the Management Board of the Gdynia Company during a gala, organized in April 2019 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Association of Polish Maritime Industries.


“Thanks to the SCOT modular architecture, we are able to provide such a system variant, that is required from the point of view of tasks performed by a particular ship or class of a ship. The needs of the Polish Navy decided that in the first version it was provided for mine countermeasures ships. Currently, in order to meet further requirements, we are developing options for support ships and ships, which are often referred to as combat. “- stated the President of the Board of OBR CTM S.A. dr inż. Andrzej Kilian.