The agreement for “Mobile Radionavigation HF System SRN” signed

CTM will develop an innovative “Mobile Radionavigation HF System SRN” for the Polish Navy. The agreement was signed on 5 September 2018, during the MSPO 2018 Fair. It was concluded between the Armament Inspectorate (IU) representing the Ministry of National Defence (MON) and CTM, a part of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ).


The agreement was signed by Chief of the Armament Inspectorate, Brig. General Dariusz Pluta, representing the Ministry of National Defence, and CTM: President of the Board Andrzej Kilian, PhD and Vice President of the Board Joanna Sztiller. The SRN will carry out the full range of tasks related to determination of position of Polish Navy vessels, especially in scope of marine measurements, marine rescue, search, identification of underwater objects, including mine-like objects. As part of the development work, a system of 3 radio-navigation chains on vehicles and 35 receivers will be acquired, in order to secure with necessary accuracy, determination of positions for PN vessels, performing combat and hydrographic tasks in the area of responsibility in the absence of positions from the satellite system.


„The innovation is a key factor not only for development of the entire economy but also of individual organisations, including companies such as Ośrodek Badawczo Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. The agreement signed just now is the next step in the development of widely understood marine technology and is an example of positive cooperation between business and Polish universities. It should be emphasized how important for the development of economy is implementation of the results of research and analysis. CTM, co-creator of KORMORAN II minehunter, by concluding today’s agreement, once again confirms its capabilities both to create and implement “innovations”. The contract will allow to obtain solutions with high technological advancement, mostly based on microprocessor techniques and software control. On the basis of navigation data by the newly developed system, navigation protection of Polish Navy vessels, approaches to ports, protection of mine actions in the PN Defense Zone and conducting specialist activities carried out by hydrographic services will be implemented. This will significantly improve the quality of hydrographic protection by the Naval Hydrographic Service. – stated the Head of the Ministry of National Defence, Brig. Dariusz Pluta.


As a result of implementation of the agreement, a successor to the “JEMIOŁUSZKA” system developed earlier in the CTM will be developed. It will be a system with much wider possibilities. It will implement the most modern technologies and solutions, developed together with scientists from the Gdańsk University of Technology – stressed President of the Board of OBR CTM S.A., Andrzej Kilian, PhD.


“The SRN project is an example that cooperation of innovative industry with universities may result in the implementation of innovative solutions, beneficial for both parties, in order to strengthen safety,” added Joanna Sztiller, Vice President of the Management Board of OBR CTM S.A.