At the end of 2020 the international consortium responsible for the European project “OCEAN2020” finalized work on the implementation of one of the several projects undertaken under the so-called work packages. Work on the package entitled “Human Factor” was managed by the only Polish member of the Consortium – Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. (OBR CTM S.A.) from Gdynia.


OCEAN2020 (Open Cooperation for European mAritime awareNess) is the most important European defence research project funded by the European Union’s Preparatory Action on Defence Research and implemented by the European Defence Agency,  with a budget of approximately 35 million EUR. For its implementation, a consortium consisting of 43 partners from 15 countries was established in 2018, with the Italian company Leonardo appointed as the leader. Its main goal is to demonstrate the potential of unmanned aerial, surface and underwater platforms to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance in the maritime domain.


OBR CTM S.A., which is a part of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ), was invited to participate in the program due to its experience in command systems designing, as well as his constant interest in searching for innovative solutions in this area.


As part of the “Human Factor” package, an international team of specialists developed assumptions for the implementation of the operator interface, taking into account different levels of command, starting from the operator of a single unmanned vehicle, through the operator of the ship’s combat management system, and on the operator of the European maritime component operational center (Maritime Operational Center – MOC).


The results of the work undertaken as part of the package will be used in the process of designing of the future combat systems, highly replete with technology and information, and largely automated or equipped with AR (Augmented Reality) elements.


“At the beginning of November 2018, an inaugurating meeting of the “Human Factor” package took place at the premises of our company. For the last  two years, we have been working on assumptions enabling a multi-level analysis of human-technology interactions between the operators of current and, consequently, future marine systems”- said Tomasz Bajer, project manager for OCEAN2020 on behalf of OBR CTM S.A.


“The participation of OBR CTM S.A. in the OCEAN2020 program, is even more rewarding, due to use the RKP-8100 radio, produced by OBR CTM S.A., during exercises planned at sea”- emphasized the President of the Management Board of OBR CTM S.A. Marcin Wiśniewski.