OBR CTM S.A. on MSPO 2017 Exhibition

OBR CTM S.A. as part of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), during this year’s International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2017 presented a wide range of products. Among them were:

  • the model of the modern minehunter “Kormoran II”, with developed and delivered by CTM for this class of ships Systems, such as: Integrated Mission System, Passive Defense System and selected key sensors and effectors (SHL-101/TM MCM Sonar, SHL- 300 MCM Sonar, explosive charges to destroy sea mines “Toczek”), Underwater Weapon System and other solutions developed in CTM as a results of research and development works;
  • awarded at last year’s MSPO with DFENEDER Award, model of the Underwater Stabilized Sensor Platform, which allows detection and classification of mines, including mines buried in the bottom sediments;
  • the model of Modular Lightweight Minesweep (MLM), designed for counter sea mines with influence fuses, which operation is dependent on identification of a specific type of vessel, basing on its characteristic physical fields signatures;
  • wire-rope absorbers: roll and arc-ring type, with PRS “Certificate of Recognition”;
  • RKS-8000 HF transceiver designed to use as a basic element of stationary and mobile communication systems;
  • RKP-8100 transceiver is a modern manpack transceiver that provides reliable tactical communication. It also offers uniform and reduced logistic services;
  • RKP-8100 HF/VHF/UHF transceiver with Mobile Adapter type RKP-8100-AM-B, was designed to extend possibilities of the RKP-8100 manpack transceiver to use as an element of the mobile communication system mounted on wheeled and caterpillar vehicles.

Another element of the exhibition allowing presentation of the CTM offer was a touch screen with purposefully prepared software and VR googles with “Virtual Reality Space of Ship Combat Management System SCOT”. All the exhibits presented during the MSPO 2017 Exhibition aroused the considerable interest of Polish as well as foreign representatives: of politics, uniformed services, the world of science and final users.