Subject of complaint/application


The subject of a complaint/application can be any activity related to the activities of the Research Laboratories.



Manner and form of submitting complaints/applications


Complaints and applications to the Research Laboratories of OBR CTM S.A. can be submitted:

  • – By electronic mail, addressed to:
  • – In writing to the address of OBR CTM S.A. (Dickmana 62, Gdynia, 91-109, Poland)

Complaints and applications are handled without undue delay.



Formal requirements of a complaint/application


Complaints or applications submitted to OBR CTM S.A. should include:

  • – Name, surname and company name of the complainant or applicant;
  • – Address (city, street, building number) of the complainant or applicant;
  • – Contents of the complaint or application (so that the subject of the complaint or application can be determined from it).


Body considering complaints and applications

Complaints and requests are handled by the Head of the Quality and Service Division.