The President of the Board of CTM, Dr. Andrzej Kilian, introduces innovative technologies ensuring national maritime security, 1st National Maritime Security Forum 2016

The National Maritime Security Forum was held on January 14th 2016 in Warsaw. The participants who took part in the Forum were representatives of Polish authorities and military forces of Republic of Poland and also representatives of the Polish and foreign industry. The National Maritime Security Forum is a one-day event in the form of a conference with a accompany of exhibition. Its aim is to promote the role and importance of the Polish Navy, not only in combat operations, but also with reference to tasks given to the Polish Navy in times of peace or asymmetric conflict.


The representatives of Polish authorities gave their lectures during the opening speeches, and representatives of uniformed services during the session entitled “Multidimensionality of the state maritime security”.


The afternoon session entitled “Technical Modernization of the Polish Navy – technologies for realization of implemented concepts (Operational Programme – Countering Threats at Sea)” was intended for the industry representatives introducing technologies, which are applied or will be applied in the modern Navy.


As first, among representatives of industry was the President of the Board of Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. (OBR CTM S.A.) Dr. Andrzej Kilian, who gave a lecture on modern technologies, produced in the institution, that he manages. Mr. Kilian, the President of the Board, pointed out, that mentioned above technologies are applied i.a. in the systems delivered to the Polish Navy by CTM, which are used to fight threats to the maritime security including: asymmetric threats, mine threats and for assisting of the action in range of sea search and rescue etc.. At the same time he also mentioned that these systems are crucial elements of the widely understood of the national maritime security system, putting particular emphasis on needs of effective implementation of further components to the existing national maritime security system, elaborated in CTM.


During the exhibition accompanying the Forum, there were presented the latest achievements of OBR CTM S.A. in range of mine detection, classification and neutralization, developed within cooperation of the European Defence Agency and the North Atlantic Alliance.