Centrum Techniki Morskiej returns victorious from Balt Military Expo Fair 2016

   Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A., a part of Polish Armaments Group (PGZ S.A.), received four awards during the 14th BALT-MILITARY-EXPO Exhibition: distinction of the National Defence Ministry and the Grand Prix of the Rear Admiral Xawery Czernicki for the underwater stabilized sensor platform for MCM operations. CTM was also awarded by National Association for the Protection of Classified Information (KSOiN) with the prestigious “Golden Mace” award for the outstanding achievements in the area of classified information and the Cristal Lighthouse for one of the most innovative paper presented during the NATCON Conference. The underwater stabilized sensor platform for MCM operations, already awarded twice, was developed by OBR CTM within BURMIN project, carried out by a consortium of: TUS – leader (FR), TNO (NL), RMA (BE), WTD 71 (DE), Fraunhofer ICT (DE), IPHT Jena (DE), Atlas Elektronik (DE) and CTM (PL), in EDA’s UMS programme. The platform with installed hydroacoustic and magnetic new generation sensors, towed by motorboat or small unmanned surface vehicle, enables detection and classification of mines, including mines buried in bottom sediments. The platform is stabilized at the required altitude, set over the sea bottom with autopilot that simultaneously minimizes its pitch and roll.

During the Balt-Military Expo, which took place on 20th – 22nd of June 2016 at MTG S.A. Gdańsk International Fair Co. – Amber Expo in Gdańsk, CTM, on the common stand of PGZ, presented developed in CTM systems, which are now part of the Operational Programme „Countering Threats at Sea”. Moreover, the visitors to CTM stand, could get acquaint with the model of the modern minehunter equipped with systems delivered by CTM: Command and Control System, Passive Defence Systems and delivered by CTM some specialized sensors (devices used to detect threats) and effectors (armament for threats disposal).

Amongst this year’s schedule rich in events accompanying the Fair, there were also events organised by CTM. The most important one was the VII International Conference of Science and Technology NATCON. The Conference for the third time was organised together with the Naval Academy and MTG S.A. Gdańsk International Fair Co. and with assistance of Military University of Technology (WAT), National Defence University (AON) and Gdańsk University of Technology (PG). The International Conference NATCON is an integral part of BALT-MILITARY-EXPO and its  purpose  is to build international, regional system of the knowledge exchange platform between the potential user and the industry and the research and development institutions situated on the Baltic. Its subject includes the area of military marine technology, particularly in defence, safety at sea and on coast, in ports and critical infrastructure objects and sea rescue.