7th International Conference of Science and Technology NATCON – holds the course

The International Conference NATCON had been an integral part of BALT-MILITARY-EXPO for the last 4 years and became one of the most important events in range of maritime technology for defence and safety. This year’s 7th edition of the Conference once again was organized by OBR Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A., Naval Academy and MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. with cooperation of Military University of Technology (WAT), National Defence University (AON) and Gdańsk University of Technology (PG). The Conference was under the patronage of the Ministry of Defence Mr. Antoni Macierewicz. The main sponsor was Kongsberg and the official sponsors were THALES and Sygnity S.A.

The purpose of the conference is to build international, regional system of the knowledge exchange between the potential user and the industry and the research and development institutions situated on the Baltic. Its subject includes the area of military marine technology, particularly in defence, safety at sea and on coast, in ports and critical infrastructure objects and sea rescue. The conference took place on 20-22 of June 2016 at the AmberExpo – MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. and thanks to its prominence in the conference calendar of the marine subject matter connected with defence and safety it gains bigger range from year to year.

During this year’s conference 92 papers were presented to about 260 participants from Poland and foreign countries and became a base to establish cooperation between representatives of science, industry and future users. For the participation in the conference reported representatives of over 50 institutions and companies from 13 countries i.e. Poland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Romania, Israel, the United States, Brazil and Ethiopia. The reported papers included three thematic blocks: combat systems, naval safety systems and exploitation of the naval technology. Three of the most innovative papers were honored with awards in form of crystal lighthouses. Among winners of the competition a paper of the authorship of two representatives of CTM: Mr. Franciszek Szarkowski and Mr. Paweł Polański for the paper entitled “The modern ship’s demagnetization devices for newly built units”. Another two awards went to Lt Cdr. Rafał Miętkiewicz Ph.D. from Naval Academy for „Possible applications of USVs in Polish Navy” and to prof. Mirosław Gerigk Ph.D. Eng from Gdańsk University of Technology (PG) and mjr Paweł Dobrzyński Ph.D., Stanisław Lipski Ph.D. and Bogdan Machowski Ph. D from Military University of Technology (WAT) for the paper “The concept of super-cavitation miniature torpedoes with the rocket propulsion for manned and unmanned combat systems”.

Worth to mention, that this year once again a conference of scientific circles and doctoral students was organized. It was entitled “Challenges for safety” and from now on will become an integral part of the NATCON Conference. The conference of scientific circles and doctoral students gathered over 66 young scientists from 9 different universities, who presented 31 papers.