Minehunter Kormoran II ready for the service

A few weeks ago, on Gdansk Gulf waters, the modern minehunter Kormoran II, successfully completed the qualification tests. They confirmed the contractual requirements of the ship to carry out its main tasks, i.e. to search, classify, identify and countermeasure of sea mines, to conduct sea vessels through the sea area threatened with mines, as well as mine countermeasures of ships during the sea crossing. The ship, built by a consortium which core is formed by the Remontowa Shipbuilding shipyard (leader) and Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. (CTM), was formally handed over to Polish Navy on November 17th, 2017.


The series of several months’ test of the ship, were finalized with successfully completed qualification tests, at first conducted as part of preliminary tests and then as part of mentioned above qualification tests. In their course, the platform, equipment, installations and ship’s general systems, including navigation and communication, were tested, all delivered by Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. Moreover, there were tests of Integrated Mission System, which was integrated by CTM. CTM produced and delivered to the ship Integrated Combat System, including: Combat Management System, Passive Defense System, Underwater Monitoring System, including sonars, as well as explosive charges to countermeasure sea mines.


„We believe, that delivery of the modern minehunter „Kormoran II” is the first step to build the potential of Polish Navy. Realization of such difficult development works in short time period showed, that there is a big potential to build modern and technologically advanced vessels. For the need of building the ship, we had to master new technologies. I mean, above all, the ability to build and weld the hull from amagnetic steel” – said Piotr Dowżenko, President of the Board at Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.


“One and most important challenge we faced during building the ship, was to integrate all devices and systems supplied by various manufacturers into one unit. We did it, thanks to developed by CTM Combat Management System “SCOT”, being at the same time a “brain, heart and nervous system”, allowing to use ship’s sensors and effectors in the most effective way. We want this universal solution to be implemented on every new ship, build for Polish Navy” – said Andrzej Kilian Ph.D., President of the Board at OBR CTM S.A.


“After completing the qualification tests, the ship was handed over to Polish Navy. The completion of tests was accompanied by completing the cycle of training courses conducted by our training officers for the ship’s crew, in range of delivered ship’s systems such as: command support subsystem, passive defense, underwater weapon, etc.” – noted Joanna Sztiller, Vice-President of the Board at OBR CTM S.A.


In accordance to plan, after completing qualification tests and handing over the ship to Polish Navy, the flag will be hoisted, which is unambiguous with its incorporation into Polish Navy.


We look forward to the finalization of the framework agreement signed in September 2013, which we hope will result in ordering this year another minehunter, Kormoran II type – summarized Bartłomiej Pomierski, Vice-President at Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.