The ceremony of raising the flag of Polish Navy on “ORP Kormoran” for the first time

Dear Sir or Madam,


The ceremony of first raising of Polish Navy flag on “ORP Kormoran”, which took place on November 28, 2017, was of extraordinary significance for the Polish Armed Forces, especially for their maritime component. After many years, we witnessed the incorporation of a new Polish ship into the Polish Navy, a ship built and equipped by the Polish shipbuilding and defense industry. A ship that strengthens our security system and proofs cumulative potential in Polish industry. And for this reason, this day was also our holiday – the industry.

We all see the effects of cooperation of shipbuilding experts. However, it should be remembered, that the combat value of a modern ship is defined by the systems it has been equipped with. Of particular importance is the level of their integration within the so-called Integrated Mission System.

Integrated Mission System, developed by OBR CTM S.A., which ORP Kormoran was equipped with, is the first system of that type, developed and implemented in Poland.

The System integrates all sensors and effectors into one unit, allowing the ship to carry out its main tasks, i.e. to search, classify, identify and countermeasure of sea mines. The System is at the same time a “brain, heart and nervous system” of the ship and is designed to guarantee full operational capability.

It is worth to mention, that CTM also delivered the key equipment such as: Combat Management System, Passive Defense System, Underwater Monitoring System, including: SHL-101/TM and SHL-300 sonars, as well as explosive charges to countermeasure sea mines “Toczek”.

The Management Board of OBR CTM S.A., executing works within the Polish Armaments Group, would like to thank all those, who contributed to the creation of new value, which is a technologically advanced system. On the ship you can see results of three years of hard work. However, this would not be possible without prior investment in personnel development, accumulation and extension of competences, development of technological base and implementation of organizational changes.

It was also a time of gaining experiences in the area of Integrated Mission System, as part of the 10-year-long offset and operations on foreign markets.

All this turned out to be a recipe for success in connection with the support of the Ministry of National Defense, the involvement of Kormoran crew, which gave the final functional touch to the system, as well as the opportunity to recruit engineers eager for outstanding remarkable challenges.

On behalf of OBR CTM S.A., the Management Board would like to thank you for the trust that we have been gifted and says with full responsibility: The Center is ready to provide integrated systems for the next KORMORANS … and more.